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Coating is washed over parts producing a clean, uniform, glossy film.
Automated handling of parts and recycling of paint keeps results in lower unit costs than  spray painting.
Appropriate for parts having complex geometries.
Not appropriate for applications where an area of the component must not be coated.
Used to produce translucent coatings simulating appearance of silver, chrome brass and gold.

Rotary Spray
Parts are rotated and painted film is applied using a spray gun.
Appropriate for relatively small parts having a convenient axis of rotation.
Possible for areas of the component to be left uncoated.
Less efficient than other methods due to amount of handling and inability to effectively recycle materials.
Coatings may be translucent or opaque, highly reflective or matte.
Can be used to apply coatings having pearlescent, metallic, or other pigments.
Spatter, veiled and multicolored coatings.

Powder Coating
Vacuum metallized and other finishes having durable, powder-coated topcoats to meet functional specifications – abrasion, chip, uv, humidity, salt and chemical resistance.
Produces coatings having greater film thickness than other methods.
Can achieve a thick, glossy coating.
Basecoats can fill in grain and hide minor irregularities in part surfaces.
Automated system and recycling of paint for lowest unit cost.
Opaque, translucent, glitter and metallic films.
Substrates must tolerate exposure to relatively high temperature.

Metal PreTreatment
All metals thoroughly degreased prior to coating.
Iron-phosphate pretreatment of steel components.